Eucalyptus Leaves & Flat White

Nom nom nom. Sip sip sip.


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The following disclaimers apply to all who read this comic:

Read this material at your own risk.  The author takes no responsibility if you find any material in this publication controversial, lacking in funniness, or offensive.

The author does not promote smoking.  Smoking has serious health risks and can be fatal.

The author has no position on unisex bathrooms.

The author is not affiliated with any major fast food corporation, except as an occasional consumer.  The author’s occasional consumption of fast food makes no comment, express or implied, on the effect of such consumption on one’s health.

All necessary precautions should be taken when reading this comic including, but not limited to, not staring at the computer screen for prolonged periods of time.

Consumption of eucalyptus twigs should be  limited to actual koalas.  All activities represented in this comic are enacted by trained koalas.  Do not attempt to emulate their lifestyles at home.

Nothing here reflects the views of any organization or person affiliated with me.  They are maybe not even my views either.  Someone could hack into this account and just write things and I’m not going to take the fall for that fellow.


Written by eucalyptusleaves

March 16, 2009 at 4:54 pm

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